About us


     This year marks the very beginning of Pavel Zselezo’s business activities surrounding potato purchasing and processing. At the beginning, he engaged in the production and distribution of pre-fried French fries. This is also how the company name, Pavel Zselezo PomFrit, originated.


     1994 brought further expansion to PomFrit. The number of satisfied customers with greater demands and requirements continued to grow. This led to expansion of our production to include peeled vacuum-packed potatoes, peeled cut root vegetables, onions, cabbage and others.

     The company’s own fleet was established to provide flexible deliveries to customers.


     Once again, the market called for a change: Fritpom s.r.o. was established with the statute of a sheltered workshop. Therefore, another benefit to our customers is that by purchasing from Fritpom s.r.o., they are satisfying the requirements of alternative performance to employ the disabled.

The Executive Director of the company is Pavel Zselezo.

     The establishment of this new company helped us to increase the range of products. Vacuum-packed boiled potatoes were added (cubed, sliced, quartered and whole).

     The entire production plant has new modern equipment in line with EU requirements.

The company’s motto is: 

  • Production quality
  • Production flexibility
  • Be close to our customers and make them satisfied
  • Order today, delivered tomorrow

If you want to experience it for yourself, place an order and become one of our happy customers.