Peeled Vacuum-Packed Potatoes

Cut, vacuum-packed potatoes with no added preservatives.

Cut into the desired shape: whole, chopped, sliced, cubed, French fries.

The minimum shelf life of vacuum-packed potatoes is 5 days from the production date.

Advantages of peeled potatoes:


  • Labor cost savings
  • Water cost saving
  • No waste or mess
  • Order only what you need

Orders must be placed by 2:00 pm.


  • Vacuum-packed in a 10kg bag
  • Vacuum-packed in a 5kg bag
  • A smaller amount as required
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Our delivery contains only freshly peeled potatoes.

  • Peeled using a cold process
  • Manually cleaned
  • Stored between 4°C-8°C immediately after peeling

Store peeled, vacuum-packed potatoes at a maximum temperature of 10°C.