Facultative Compensation



Fritpom s.r.o., a sheltered workshop, meets the conditions provided by Section 81 (2) b), of Czech Act No. 435/2004 Sb., on employment, pursuant to which it provides




Amended Act on Employment No. 435/2004 Sb., Section 81 1), effective from 1 January 2005, stipulates that every employer with more than 25 employees shall employ at least 4% of their workforce with people having a disability.

Pursuant to law, a business shall:


  1. Employ at least 4% disabled people;
  2. Pay to the state budget an amount equal to 2.5 times the average monthly national salary for the first to the third quarter of each calendar year for every disabled person the employer is supposed to but does not employ;
  3. Purchase products and services from businesses whose workforce is comprised of more than 50% disabled employees.

Contact us to purchase potatoes, root vegetables, fruit and onions and we shall provide you with facultative compensation of the statutory percentage of disabled employees.